Step 2Choose Your Streaming Server Type

The server is the software used for your listeners to listen to your music.You can always switch afterwards
IceCastAn open-source server simple and as feature-complete as SHOUTcast, with easy switching between AutoDJ and live DJs. It is compatible with nearly all streaming software. Can also be listed on SHOUTcast.com.
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SHOUTcastA modern and up-to-date version of SHOUTcast with extra useful features. You can automatically change between AutoDJ and Live DJs. Use this only if you plan to join the DNAS+ plan to monetize your station.
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High Performance Compute Instances Activate in seconds. Online 24x7Plan Features
Online 24/7

Ultra fast and reliable servers are what keep our thousands of radio stations online 24/7.


Web based automation software to Broadcast 24/7 without the need of using your computer all day. Just upload your files, create a playlist and start streaming.

Powerful infrastructure

Servers with redundant network and data center infrastructure, with the goal of providing efficient and cost effective high speed shoutcast hosting solutions to your Online Radio.

Reports and Statistics

Monitoring your stream’s audience, performance and resource utilization is essential to running a successful Internet radio station. Get information about listener trends and demographics.

Cloud based administrarion

Centova Cast V3.2 included. Centova Cast provides the tools you need to automate and manage your online radio station.

No long term contracts

Pay as you go and cancel anytime.