How to broadcast to an Icecast server using Winamp

1. To begin Install Winamp

You can download Winamp from the  Nullsoft Website

Please note that while Winamp has a Mac OSX version, the required plugin does not. Winamp cannot be used to stream from OSX. For an alternative, please consider Nicecast.


2. Next Install the Edcast DSP Plugin

Now download and install (using the default settings) the Edcast DSP Plugin. You can download the Edcast plugin by clicking here

Download the MP3 Encoder lame_enc.dll and put it in the Winamp folder (C:\Program Files\Winamp) as Edcast will ask you for lame_enc.dll.

Once the download has completed, you will need to install the software.

Verify that Winamp is not running, then double click on the installer that you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions.


3.  Enable the Edcast DSP Plugin

  • Launch Winamp
  • Open "Preferences". (Options -> Preferences, or CTRL+P).


  • In the left menu scroll and find "DSP/Effect". Select it and then in the right window select "edcast DSP v3 [dsp_edcast.dll]".

  • Close the Preferences window by clicking the Close button.
  • You will now see an Edcast Source window running right next to Winamp. Now everytime you start Winamp, this window will open with it.

4. Next we will configure SHOUTcast Source(The Edcast Source Plugin).

The first settings you will need to modify are the connection settings.

Configuring your encoder

Click the "Add Encoder" Button and Right-click the new encoder that appears after clicking the button. Then choose configure from the menu that appears.

Input your Alon Hosting radio server information here.


First, enter your Bitrate. Your bitrate is the Icecast hosting package you selected when you signed up for your account, i.e. 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, 128, or 192. Set it to the correct bitrate or below. If you set it too high your server will stop and a message will be sent to you via email. If this happens you will need to log back into your Centova Cast Control Panel and restart it. The next step is to set your sample rate correctly. If your Icecast hosting radio server is a 96kbps or above then set your sample rate to 44100. If your Icecast hosting radio server is below 96kbps then set it to 22050. For the channels setting... if your Icecast hosting radio server is 64, 96, 128 or 192 set it to 2. If your Icecast hosting radio server is 24, 32 or 48 set it to 1. Next, set your Encoder type to MP3 Lame and your Server Type to Icecast2. Make sure you have the correct settings here. You can retreive your Server IP, Port and Source Password by logging into your control panel at Centova Cast Control Panel and clicking on the "quick links" link or by referring to your welcome email. It is important that this information be entered correctly or you will not be able to connect to your Icecast hosting server. Make sure you are using your Source password and not your admin password. You can find your source password by clicking on the "Settings" link in your Centova Cast Control Panel and then by clicking the small key icon next to where it says Source Password. Your mount point should be set to /live as this is your default live connection mount. If you have configured a different mount point you will need to edit this accordingly.

5. Select YP Settings

Set these settings to whatever you desire. If you wish your server to be public then check that box. Enter your radio station name in the Stream Name. This can be set to whatever you want. Discribe your Radio Station in the Streams Description box. Again this can be whatever you want. Include your website in the Stream URL box if you have one. If not then you can set this to your Museter listener page which you can find in your Museter Control Panel by clicking on the "Quick Links" link and copying your stream start page link which is the first link listed. Enter your Radio station genre in the Stream Genre box. If you have ICQ, AIM, or IRC information then enter it here. If not just leave these settings blank. Once you are done click the OK button.


6. Starting your Encoder

Click the Auto Connect check box. Make sure you click the encoder and that it is highlighted and then click the Connect button. You will now see information in your Metadata box and you will see information in the transfer rate section if your stream is connected. If this is not happening then please check your settings by going back to step 3.


7. How to talk live or play music from somewhere other than Winamp.

This is more of an advanced setting and will require you to use a mixer and cell phones. You would plug your mic and your cell phone(s) into your mixer and hook up your mixer to your computer and select whatever device you are using by again clicking the box with a red X in it and selecting the appropriate device. In most cases if you use a usb to connect from your mixer you would then select that device. Depending on how many ports you have on your mixer you could plug multiple cell phones into the mixer which would enable you to talk with more than one person or have more available lines for people to call in.




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